Author Services

Storytime Book Reviews & Promotions now offers author services.

NEW! Discount when you pay for two or three months in advance.

Contact me at if you have questions or would like to book services.

There are a couple of options for author services, you can get monthly or visit our Promo Package page, which also has a graphics package for those in need of teasers or promo graphics. Examples are located on the promo package page. The monthly services get everything the promo packages provide and of course all the graphic work you need.

These are only a few of the services we can provide. Really, it is up to what the author needs or wants.

Monthly Services – $250.00 for 15 hours (this is about 17 dollars an hour.)

Discount options – $400.00 for 2 Months (30 hours) Saves you $100.00 Or $600.00 for 3 Months (45 hours) Saves you $150.00

1. Simple graphic work for promotional purposes
2. Building your social media followers
3. Scheduling tweets and Facebook posts. Possibly other social media posts depending on what they are.
4. Helping the author with marketing advice
5. Organizing newsletter swaps / Creating your newsletter and / or helping to build your newsletter subscribers
6. Organizing and hosting Facebook parties
7. Promoting for you everywhere possible
8. Finding free and paid sites to advertise your books or events
9. Building a launch team for your new releases which may possibly help provide reviews
10. Storytime Book Reviews and promotions has a growing mailing list. We send newsletters every Monday and also on Freebie Friday, you will receive posts and ads on this website as well as all of its social media pages. Every weekly post has a giveaway attached to it and we often put paid ads behind our newsletter posts.
11. I also partner with Paranormal Addicts who also have a growing mailing list and if your book is paranormal you will receive posts in this newsletter as well.
12. Basically, I do whatever you need us to do, within my capabilities. Every author is different with their needs or wants and I will focus on whatever you may need.