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(When Leslie Cries Book 1)

 by Amy Richie

99¢ – Also in Kindle Unlimited

Deceitful Whispers

Some words are scarier than others. Murder is one of them. Criminally and insane are even worse. When she’s faced with two horrific realities, Melody Parker has to figure out which voices are telling her the truth and which ones are only out to make her … crazy.

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(The Champion Series Book 1)

 by Francheska Fifield

99¢ Limited Time – Also in Kindle Unlimited

Elvin Princess

The unfortunate deaths of her mother and cousin had Elainne being sent to her aunt and uncle’s kingdom to be trained up as the future heir to the throne. Before she can cement her place as crown princess of the realm the daughter of the ocean, a mermaid princess, comes along intent to steal the throne from her. Now she must rely on her Elvin aunt, a lady in waiting and two of her guards to help her save the kingdom from a threat that no one else seems to even realize walks among them.

She will rely on them all, but mostly Viktor one of her new guards. They have a bond no one can describe or break and they will all lay their lives on the line to save the kingdom from falling into a seemingly willing slavery. Even if it means Elainne must return to the one place she vowed never to enter again after her mother’s murder, her Elvin home.

To make matters worse the only thing her father will accept for his help is a lost Elvin artifact said to be guarded by a great dragon, one that has held it for centuries and refuses to give it up. An artifact powerful and impossible to get, or so the stories say. No one knows for sure what it does for no one has ever returned from their search for it and many Elves have tried.

As Elainne and Viktor take on this quest their bond is tested, tried and forged anew. Can they keep their bond or will something so new and fragile break under the stress of the quest? Can they find the artifact and come back alive or is a sacrifice what is needed to get it back? What are they willing to do to save a kingdom that doesn’t want to be saved?

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(The Champion Series Book 2)

By Francheska Fifield

$2.99 – Also in Kindle Unlimited


After the deaths of her mother and cousin Elainne was sent to her aunt and uncle’s kingdom to be trained up as the future heir to the throne. Before that could happen Elainne, her trusted guards and loyal lady in waiting faced a threat in the form of a beautiful and enchanting mermaid princess intent on stealing the throne.
With the threat dealt with and a little more understanding of the bond between her and Viktor; Elainne sets out to test her mettle as an emissary. This time she is going into mage territory, a place she has never set foot in before. But go she must for the humans need trading partners and her uncle demands proof that she is the right choice for heir to his kingdom.
But that isn’t the only reason she agrees. When last visiting her father Viktor found out some interesting things about his heritage and having met his grandmother he now seeks to know his grandfather, but refuses to take on the travels without Elainne by his side.
They travel into perilous country, unknown territory, with magic, wild beasts and humans full of corrupting power in abundance. Elainne must try to convince the mage’s to make a treaty with her and support her bid as queen over the human realms but being half Elvin they don’t trust her at all. With Viktor by her side and her will of steel she will risk everything to bring about the peace between the branches of humans she so desires and help Viktor on his quest to find his family…even her own life.

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For some, the fight has just begun

by Carol E. Keen

$1.99 – Limited Time – Also n Kindle Unlimited

Evil forebodings

Officer Allen Lawrence isn’t sure what to make of the young woman whose case he’s handling. Tiffany Rodgers appears to have someone threatening her. She’s so shaken that it’s complicated her communications with the animals she works with. Something very strange is happening in their small town. Now it’s up to them and their friends to solve this issue before anyone else is harmed. Are Tiffany’s visions related to the strange things happening in Newville, or just one woman’s evil forebodings?

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