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(Shady Arcade Book 2)

by Sharon Stevenson

99¢ Limited Time – Also in Kindle Unlimited


What you don’t know can kill you…

Zack is determined to find his family and uncover the cause of his amnesia. Forging a dangerous deal with someone he knows he shouldn’t trust, he prepares to leave the safety of Shady Pines to get the answers he needs.

Meanwhile, Chloe faces cutting all ties to her past when the Necromancer’s Council decides her fate. Leaving isn’t going to be easy, but with no other choice she tries to accept it and let go of her old life.

When Zack’s disappearance comes to light, the truth begins to unravel and it’s darker than Chloe ever could have thought possible. There’s more at stake than his life, and walking away is not going to be an option.

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IGINS: Elementum Novel

By A.M. Martin

99¢ – Also in Kindle Unlimited


One will be born. Four she shall bind. Two of Friendship. Two of Love. Shall it will be.
The Aether

I lived a normal life for a soon to be seventeen years old. Well if you can call having a paranoid mom normal.
In till I learned my mom really isn’t so paranoid after all.
Everything she has done. Everything she taught me, was for a very important reason. A reason I soon found out one dreary dark night.
It’s just a nightmare I told myself, till I had to grow a backbone and realize this is my life now.
A life of Royalty.
A life of powers. Bonds and war.
A life I have to accept.
A life that I Am To Live.
Welcome to Elementum.

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Secret Legends Box Set

by Collected Authors


Secret Legends cover

Warning: Book Hangovers Ahead.

Looking for the perfect escape? When you dare to venture into the romantically-charged pages of SECRET LEGENDS, you’ll get lost in stories from today’s New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

This must-read paranormal romance and urban fantasy boxed set is filled with tales of vampires, aliens, angels, witches, ghosts, shifters, sirens, and more, containing over one hundred hours of page-turning reads that will leave your heart pounding and your pulse racing.

Ready to dive in? Pre-order today to secure YOUR copy of this extraordinary boxed set!

Grab your copy now on Amazon / ibooks / Nook / Kobo



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