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by B.T. Jaybush

99¢ Limited Time

Summer Apprentice

On the planet of Amedia, the sentience that is the World grants Magic to whomever it chooses. Normally, that means someone born of Wizard lineage … in fact, Wizards have declared it near blasphemy for anyone born Plain to use Magic.

Astra Fairweather was born Plain — no Wizard in her lineage, no Magic in her past.

Except that Amedia gives her Magic, anyway.

On a cold winter night, the World sends its emissary to Astra, urging her to perform Magic for the first time. She does – right before the disbelieving eyes of Wizard André Skyecatcher.

Fortunately, Skyecatcher doesn’t believe in the Plain/Wizard Magical divide and takes Astra under his wing. With the help of Hucklebee Stonecraft — a Wizard College professor and adviser to Grand Wizard Forturian Stormcloud — he readies Astra to compete in the Summer Apprentice competition.

Astra’s path becomes even harder when Skyecatcher discovers that Astra’s Magic is Instinctive, a powerful form of Magic only the Grand Wizard himself is known to possess.

Still, despite the antagonism of her peers, Astra manages to win the friendship of one fellow competitor — and the competition … just in time for the World to end.

Blight, a Wizard banished from Wizard society long before, returns with a plan to kill all Magic by killing all Wizards. At first he slays hundreds — including Stormcloud … but then he faces Astra, whose Instinctive power and the uncanny skill with which she wields it, drives Blight from the scene, leaving Astra, her teachers, and the other apprentices, to pick up the pieces.


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by Jessica Cage

99¢ Limited Time

Fire Within Cover Ebook

From the ashes, a Phoenix is born but not every bird earns their wings.

Nuria is anxious to leave her realm and explore the other worlds but because there is a high price on the wings of the phoenix, it was made so that each one would have to earn the right. The female bird of fire has a special allure over men which had proven to be both a great asset and a liability. For this reason, it must be proven that she is master of her own sexuality and will not fall prey to the will of another. Though Nuria is top of her class in every other subject matter, when it comes to physical relations she is far behind.

Carrick, the alluring roamer who has just returned home, has been named her tutor. Under his instruction, Nuria will explore her sexuality. Little does she know, the mystery man has more to show her than simply how to make a man bend to her will. He will push her to her limits and even further in order to unlock the fire within.

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by Jennifer Malone Wright,

Willow Cross & KB Miller

$2.99 – Also in Kindle Unlimited

Beary Tales ebooklg

Three bears turned human.
An evil witch driven by vengeance.
And a drunken, fairy god-uncle with a filthy mouth.

When you combine these things you get one ever-so twisted, yet totally hilarious fairy tale.

Butchy can’t believe it when his boyfriend gives him the, “It’s not you, it’s me,” line and decides to soothe his wounded ego with an epic all-nighter. On the way home, he is pulled through the realms and lands smack in the middle of a dark spell. An evil witch is about to sacrifice three bears, who are caged and waiting.

Suddenly, he finds himself in the one position he’s hates most … fairy god-uncle … to not one, but three young girls. On top of that, these girls have never been human and know nothing about the ways of the world. But, it was their call that brought him across the realms, so they are officially his charges.

Butchy is convinced being assigned to the girls is a huge mistake, but it also might be his chance to prove to Juan that he is more than just a pretty face with incredible hair and a glorious fashion sense.

Will this group of misfits be able to survive one twisted fairy tale after another while they search for a cure that will return them to their animal forms? Will the evil witch find them first? And most importantly, can Butchy teach animals how to be ‘fierce and fine’ … or use forks?

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