Unwanted Magic Release Day

Unwanted Magic Banner 2.jpg

Unwanted Magic

(The Ancient Magic Series Book 3)

by Stephany Wallace

$2.99 – Also in Kindle Unlimited

Unwanted Magic

An Immortal Warrior. A Startling Prophecy. An Ancient Curse.

Eisha Cinnia’s life has been marked by a curse. After the
death of the man she loved, and the near extinction of her
race, The Druids, she has spent the last two thousand years
hiding… in more ways than one.

Yet, the one thing she fears the most, resides inside her.
Eisha is an Ovate, like her mother Venetia. A Seer of Prophecies. An ability that turned into a curse the day it killed her mother. And now it has come for her.

Unable to control its power, Eisha has renounced her destiny. But when the visions show her a shocking truth, she will seek comfort in the arms of her best friend. The man who secretly loves her, although she’s unsure she can give him the one thing he wants. Her heart.

Eisha must realize her fate has been foretold, and that true love is the only force that can save her.

Purchase Now on Amazon US / Amazon UK

If you haven’t started the series now, you can get book #1 for only 99¢

Unwanted Magic Series Banner


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