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by Sue Harmeling

$2.99 – Also in Kindle Unlimited

The Guardians

“So it is written, the Fallen shall come down from heaven and linger over the earth and the depths of hell. They live lives of grandeur, and choose to bed with many. Their offspring that they bear will call themselves the Guardians.

They will be known as having ultimate power from every land, their presence passed on from generation to generation, until it is like they are a phantom. They will begin to fall under the fallen. One by one they will fall and there will not be a next in kin to replace them…for their graves will be dug deep. There will be no hope, the world will tremble and crumble under the feet of the Fallen…”

Andrina Chalfon has been running from her fate ever since she was born. Being a Guardian is hard work, especially with what the prophecy has revealed about their kind. With the world beginning to fall underneath the Fallen, their job has become increasingly more difficult. Follow Andrina as she battles through the supernatural world, battling her way to save those she loves, and most importantly to save the world from utter destruction.

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by Amanda Kimberley

99¢ Limited time

Forever Friends

Have you ever dreamed about finding your soul mate? Do you think you’d recognize him as, The One, the instant that you met?

Skye thought that Raine was her dream come true when she finally fell in love with him, but her dreams soon became nightmares when Alec, King of the Vlad Vampire Clan, wanted them and every other gypsy witch of Kersh descent, dead.

She had to find a way to stop Alec, end the war between clans, fight against the werewolves who turned her best friend Morgan, and keep Raine, her Forever Friend, by her side.

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by Collected Authors


Billionaire 2

22 men with everything you might ever desire.
22 all-new ways to fall in love.
22 Billionaires to fall in love with.

Feel the sparks fly off the hot romance and action-driven pages of these EXCLUSIVE TITLES—unavailable separately in ebook format anywhere else!

From sweet to sensual, they’ll satisfy your most indulgent fantasies as you fall in love with an array of billionaire beaus in this contemporary romance collection by some of today’s hottest New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors.

Quench your book-boyfriend addiction with page-turning stories overflowing with decadent luxury, heart-warming love, heated adventure, steamy scenes, and happily-ever-afters.

Featuring billionaires from bad boys to Marines and CEOs to cowboys, this set will take you around the country and jet-setting around the globe with intense, passionate men who always get what they want and fulfill the desires of the women they crave.

Relish each journey in this LIMITED-TIME collection PACKED with novels and novellas that will provide over one hundred hours of reading.

Grab your copy today before these hot billionaires fly off into the sunset!


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