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(A Sphinx Companion Story)

by Raye Wagner

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Heroes aren’t born; they are chiseled and sculpted from the harshest challenges and rise to the top.

Trained by his father to be a lethal assassin, Xan is part of an elite team of demigods known as kynigόs. He’s well-respected, and he’s earned it. But when the arrogant sons of Apollo tag along on a routine assignment, an easy kill turns deadly.

Broken and betrayed, Xan is forced to recuperate at the conservatory after the vicious attack. Surrounded by lazy and incompetent demigods, he can’t wait to escape. But first, he’ll have to face the charges against him.

Join Xan as he fights monsters, demigods, and treachery on his journey to become far more than he’d ever believed possible.

Son of War is an engrossing, fast-paced adventure. Blending urban fantasy and Greek mythology, this short story is perfect for readers who love action and intrigue.

This is a companion story to The Sphinx series, however it can be enjoyed independently.

An exclusive excerpt for Daughter of Darkness is also included.


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by Karin Reeve & Jolie Marvin



Bound by destiny and a love that conquers all, with an oath sworn in blood…

Born of a unique race called Gaias, sixteen-year-old Taryn Malone has been blessed with extraordinary abilities, including one that was believed to have been eradicated centuries ago. This gift must remain hidden, or her entire species will perceive her as a threat. Upon her move to Williams, Arizona the woods on the mountainside become a refuge, the place where she can let her power flow free.

Skin Walker, Larkin Taylor has dreamt of the same girl since his twelfth birthday. While on a run in his wolf form, he catches the scent of something overwhelmingly powerful. When Larkin comes face-to-face with his dream girl, he is astounded to find that she is real. Desperate to be close to her, he joins her as the wolf where he witnesses first-hand the true depths of her gifts. Though he should destroy her for what she is, he finds himself struggling with a fierce need to protect her and the secrets she harbors. His own secrets are threatened when his former best friend bumps into Taryn at the local café.

Keiryn Falcon is instantly smitten with the new girl in town when sparks, quite literally, fly between the two as she brushes past him. The moment she is out of sight he takes to the skies in hawk form to follow. When he spies Larkin jumping down from her bedroom window, Keiryn sees nothing but red, knowing what kind of a monster lurks within the black dog. Bearing the physical scars that Larkin inflicted on him five years ago, Keiryn pledges to keep Taryn from falling victim to the same fate.

While her heart wages a constant war between the boy that is bound to protect her and the one she shares a deep, inexplicable connection with; who will she choose, and will that choice destroy them all?


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  1. Caroline Doig says:

    Is there anyway u could put the book Son of War on iBooks?


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