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by J.M. Zuniga

99¢ Limited Time

NoS Cover resized

Nerves of steel, that’s the name of the game. I am the boss. I have the power. My word is law.
Gorgeous Julian Prescott has made his way to the top only to find that women aren’t interested in him anymore. They’re only interested in what he has to offer. To him, every woman is a gold digger. Julian is a champion at winning in everything he does. He has never lost. Then, one day, he collides with Danielle Greene and his world changes. Unfortunately for Julian, this may be the one time he loses.
This isn’t your typical billionaire meets girl story. There will be twists that you never saw coming and the ending will floor you.

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by J.M. Zuniga

99¢ Limited Time


What happens when unveiled secrets turn life into something unimaginable?

Winter Rayne thought she lived a somewhat normal teenage life, with the exception of her father’s crazy outbursts of rage. Then, one day, she discovers her entire life has been a sham and she’s not sure who she can trust. To make matters worse, she finds out the truth of her origins and is tossed into a world where she must fight for her very existence.

Join the world of the Praestes and the Malfaisants and discover an entire world you may never have known existed. It will make you question if there is really a life beyond the one you already know.

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(Forever Series Book 3)

by Amanda Kimberly


Forever Bound eBook Cover (1).jpg

Alec was everything Lilith imagined a lover could be. He was caring, sensual, and attentive to every one of her needs. She wanted and needed him badly to break the hold Jade Emperor had over her. But could this bond last an eternity with Cheng-Huang’s sentence of damnation on them both? Would the bond withstand the werewolves’ rebellion that was fast approaching? And could this bond transcend through time as his dead heart learns to beat for Obsidian? It was a chance Lilith would have to take in order to defeat the werewolves who planned to give rise to Demetrese, ruler of the demon Underworld, during the rarest of planetary alignments in the Ming Dynasty.

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