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A Collection of Fantastical Tales

by Alexia Purdy

Pre order for 99¢


From USA Today Bestselling author Alexia Purdy comes twelve fantastical tales into the unknown. Journey to worlds divided full of magic, wonder, and danger in an unforgettable collection.

Fuse – Two forces of nature, Winter and Summer, were ripped apart by a cruel trickster. Both must fight to fuse their souls once more instead of living a half-life on the prowl for centuries.

Jeb & Aces – Deep in the heart of an aging quarantined outpost station, Jessie works alongside an A.I. shapeshifter named Ace guarding a cache humans afflicted with a devastating plague. When their supply drops are interrupted, they make a gruesome discovery.

Without Armor – The Unseelie are up to no good. My name is Benton, and I hunt the darkest of creatures in existence. Especially when they get unruly and try to invade my home, the human realm.

Bitter – Hayden didn’t plan on being contaminated during a routine extermination of a rogue wolf pack. He didn’t count on it changing everything he believed ties humans and supernaturals together.

Never Say Such Things – Some secrets should never be told. The darkness wants souls. Once chosen, would you trade your own to save the one you love?

Spinning Scars – Immortality can have its downfalls, especially when you’re a creature made of nightmares constantly on the run. When Matthias meets Ruby, they find themselves in mortal danger, but for reasons Matthias has all wrong.

Evangeline – Two sisters gifted with magical abilities discover wondrous things and tragedy beyond the borders of the mysterious Land of Faerie.

The Withering Palace – Untold darkness rules the Unseelie realm of the Land of Faerie. Learning that magic isn’t the only way to manipulate the world around her, Aveta grows into a woman of strength and cunning, ultimately becoming one of the most feared leaders in Faerie.

The Variance Court – Anna, a struggling college student, discovers a mysterious ring that turns her quiet life chaotic when the ring’s magic doesn’t do what it’s told.

Vapor – Melanie’s secret powers come in handy when she discovers a malevolent prison for ghosts hidden beneath her new home at a school for girls.

Let it Burn – Jane lives a mundane life until an unexpected event forces her to unleash a power slumbering within her which can destroy as well as carve her own path in a new world.

Resonant – Surviving is worse than death. As the first days of the end tumble across the city of Las Vegas when a viral plague turns almost everyone into vampire-like creatures, April Tate will find out what it really means to survive.

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