by J.S. Wilsoncroft

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Thirty-something Amie Wilson lives a simple life grooming dogs. Being hearing impaired and a single mom life isn’t always easy, but she manages. She never expected to win tickets to her daughter’s favorite band, but when backstage passes lands her face to face with the lead singer, Rob Robertson, life takes an unexpected turn.

At twenty five, Rob Robertson is living the dream. With his band at number one, he should be happy. But he feels out of place, like something is missing in his life. When Amie walks onto his tour bus, he’s immediately drawn to her and everything he wants in life suddenly becomes clear to him. He wants to date the beautiful mother but she keeps making excuses as to why a relationship between them won’t work.

Living in two vastly different worlds, they both struggle to embrace their love, but Amie’s insecurities become overwhelming by a mysterious visit to the hospital and Rob’s new career. Will they be able to hold on as their love spirals like a roller coaster or will their love derail?

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by D. Love



*There is no time to fall in love; only to be loved….*

Rye Silcox desperately tries to hide her anxiety and suffering from her tight knit family, especially her young daughter, Emily. Coping with the heartbreaking diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor, while trying to appear stoic, is often an overwhelming task.

*Sometimes the miracle you are granted isn’t the one you want, but the one you need.*

Rye is reunited with high school classmate, Jett Connor. Even though the attraction is mutual, her grim prognosis reminds her that their time together will be limited. She’s determined to push him away, but Jett will have none of it. His place is by her side, and he’s unwavering with his pursuit. She finally concedes, and they adopt a new philosophy—one that celebrates seconds instead of days, moments instead memories. With one simple childhood prayer, peace comes to one, while heartache consumes another. Unfortunately, when one soul travels on, another soul must stay behind.

*The past is in their hearts, the future is not promised—they live for today only.*

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