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(The ArcKnight Chronicles #4)

By Alexia Purdy


Sovereign Cover Front sm

The City of Temple harbors all kinds of supernaturals, and danger lurks where it’s least expected.

Seeking help from the untrustworthy Unseelie faeries, Lily and Declan, her zombie-like servant, race to take down the KelHan gargoyle army and save all they hold dear, including her love, Ephrem. But things are not as they had thought, and time has finally run out for them all.

In this stunning fourth installment to The ArcKnight Chronicles, all is fair in love and war.

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(A Gryphon Series Novella)

By Stacey Rourke

 .99¢ Or Read for free on Kindle Unlimited


It’s been too long since the lion roared …
the eagle flew …
and the fated Celtic warrior embraced her destiny.

Now, with an unknown darkness swirling and the body count rising, Gainesboro needs a hero more than ever. A new battle is brewing. Who will answer the call to war?

The time has come.
The stage is set.
And, the Garretts are back in a brand new novella!

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(The Arcadia Falls Chronicles #8)

By Jennifer Malone Wright


Jennifer Wright13a

 The search for another of the remaining original vampires has taken the Hunters across the world.

Alice knew there was a reason that she kept the house in Greece, when she sold everything else that Trevor left her after his death. Now, she once again walks among a place that was his and the past creeps up on her.

In this foreign country, in the very earth she stands on, she feels the call of her magic stronger than she ever has. Even with the power she wields, Alice has always felt inferior to her fellow Hunter’s. But now, she grows stronger than ever and hopes to use what she has gained against Pavlos the vampire and finally feel she is equal.

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