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By Gracen Miller



In the 23rd century, war has ravaged the planet.

A biological weapon has decimated the population, and those who remain have been driven to desperate measures to survive. Over the course of a century, evolution delivers an answer — the Xeno gene, which provides its bearers with immunity to disease. All adolescent girls are tested for the X-gene, and carriers are obligated to bear children for the good of the human race.

The promise of salvation comes at a terrible price.

Stone Emmerson, heir to a position of supreme power, is surprised to learn his best friend Kella is an X-gene carrier. He’s quick to claim her as his own, but as a mere servant, Kella can’t help but doubt his motives. Before he can offer the protection of his name, she escapes his household. Mourning her loss, Stone becomes a black sheep among his peers by focusing on the welfare of his people.

While survival and freedom hang in the balance…

Starting over under an assumed name, Kella is a founding member of the X-Diplomats, a radical group dedicated to stopping enforced X-gene testing and promoting equal rights for commoners. Years pass before she crosses paths with Stone again. As the web of deceit that has come between them unravels, their love begins to grow. But can Stone turn a blind eye to Kella’s violent revolution and see the justice of her cause? Or will their differences prove too great to overcome?

What price would you pay to break the chains of oppression?

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By Emily Walker

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Zane loves Whitney, but she’s a mess in her wild ways, drowning in drugs and one-night stands. But when a chance at overdue love hits, Zane may not be strong enough to walk away from the sweet abyss that is Whitney.

Lila is everything Zane never knew he wanted. Whitney never dreamed he wouldn’t be there when she was ready. But as Whitney falls further into herself and becomes more self-destructive, she may very well take the only person who’s ever been there for her down as well…

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By Raye Wagner

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Seventeen year-old Hope Nicholas has spent her entire life on the run. But no one is chasing her. In fact, no one even knows she exists. With her mom, she’s traveled from town to town, barely staying long enough to meet anyone, let alone make friends. And she’ll have to keep it that way.
It’s safer.

When her mother is brutally ripped away from her, Hope’s life shatters. Is this the fulfillment of Apollo’s curse? Is Hope, too, being hunted? Orphaned and alone, Hope flees again, but this time there’s no one to teach her who to trust–or how to love.
In a universe still ruled by the Greek Gods, mythology is more than just a course in high school. Demigods, monsters, and shadow-demons from the Underworld are urban realities that threaten Hope’s very existence.

When the handsome Athan Michael comes to her aid, she must decide if safety is worth the sacrifice of love? Can Hope find a way, or will Apollo’s curse rob her of everything she’s every wanted?

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By S.K. Dines

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12804355_973918729350738_1925942484_n american ghost stories II

“The Lady in Lavender” is about the ghost of a woman who had been abused in life who murdered her husband to protect herself and her children. Read what happens to heal her soul by a little girl who lives in a similar situation in her life.

Maggie is an artist at heart. She makes scarecrows for the locals where she lives in Kentucky to make extra money. When her scarecrows start really making money as an art form, things start getting nasty.Her abusive cruel husband wants to get his hands on the money that he knows she is hiding. What happens when things get out of hand and Maggie needs to protect herself?

“A Little Trick or Treat Surprise” will sneak up on you. What starts out as a romantic love story about a little person that doesn’t expect to ever find someone who can love her just as she is, takes on a sinister twist that you will not be expecting. When things get too perfect, don’t drop your guard because life is never that easy.

In “Be Careful about the Promises You Make,” be prepared to read what happens in this chilling tale. Have you ever wondered what happens if someone who promises to come back from the dead? What if that person is evil? When electronics start going haywire in this short story, and televisions start turning on by themselves, it was time to call in the Ghost Trackers. After you read this chiller, you may rethink using a ghost box or trying to communicate with the dead.

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