The Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot project


The Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot Project


The updates for this project are simply amazing! Be sure to read them all!

We invite you to help us bring Rayden Valkyrie to the screen in the form of a high-quality TV pilot episode that will introduce a courageous and inspirational female warrior character to audiences all across the world, potentially leading to the genesis of an exciting new television series!

This new project has been formed to produce a 45 to 50 minute TV pilot episode that will feature a high production value, be action-packed with numerous, engaging fight scenes, feature Hollywood-level makeup FX, and everything else that audiences who enjoy popular episodic television shows like Game of Thrones have come to expect. Once the characters, tones, and themes are demonstrated in this pilot episode, our intention is to proceed into a full series of episodes following the travels and adventures of the warrior Rayden Valkyrie. Hers is a world of sorcery, monsters, fearsome warriors, exotic lands, the supernatural, and the sensual and seductive, and pulls no punches in its storytelling.

The pilot episode will showcase the captivating wilderness scenery of Kentucky, with its beautiful, rolling forested hills. Making use of modern production techniques such as aerial drones, this project will display the kind of eye-catching cinematography well-suited for the fantasy and sword and sorcery genres.

The TV pilot episode will face Rayden Valkyrie with a number of great challenges, ranging from the warriors that she and her comrades are pursuing to rescue some innocent captives, to Norse-style elven creatures (much different in nature than the type of elves portrayed in films like Lord of the Rings!), to a Draugr, and even to a pair of seductive, forest-dwelling sorceresses. With a fast pace, lots of action, and dark-edged, atmospheric tones, the pilot episode will showcase the viability of Rayden Valkyrie to serve as the centerpiece of a captivating television series. Rayden is the strong, compelling type of character who can carry an episodic series in the way that Xena, the Warrior Princess did from the mid-1990’s until the turn of the Millennium.


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