Featured Reads for 2/28 – 3/6


By A.V. Scott



Four years ago, Cooper was dating the hottest and most desired girl in Ash Falls and on his way to take over his father’s hotel empire. The thing was, it wasn’t the life he wanted. The only way he could escape the life his parents had planned for him, was to give up the money and power that came with being a Chamberlin. And, that’s exactly what he planned to do. At the end of the summer, he was going to leave it all behind, start a new life, on his own terms and without his parents’ influence.

That was before he met Emma.

Following her parents’ divorce, Emma Thompson is the rock for her alcoholic mother and her younger sister. She appears resilient, and tenacious, but inside she’s falling apart. She’s seen what love could do to someone’s hopes and dreams. Love was venomous. And, she didn’t want to be its victim.

Until she meets Cooper.

They both had dreams of their own. Dreams that didn’t include falling in love. No one even knew they were friends. Yet, for one Summer, Emma became Cooper’s entire world. And he, a reminder that love doesn’t have to come with warning signs.

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By Luci Cosway



Callista Gato hasn’t even had time to mourn her father after his murder before the vultures, in the form of would-be alphas from surrounding packs, are at her door. Keeping the pack’s hereditary lineage intact until her younger brother is ready to assume the mantle of alpha means convincing the other puma shifters that she is strong enough to lead on her own and keeping would-be contenders to throne like Marcus Blackthorne out of her bed, no matter how tempting the panther might be.

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By Isaiyan Morrison

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Mysterious deaths have plagued the desolate, swamp filled area of Old Farmer’s Road for decades.

After moving to Minneapolis Cecilia is befriended by Isaac and Elsie, siblings who have kept a dark secret hidden about their past for countless years. As her body is taken over by a demonic force, she finds herself an Impa, a rare and supernatural creature who lives off the flesh and essence of her victims to stay alive.

With the bloated bodies of missing teens beginning to resurface, the voice of the ratchet old farmer’s voice inside her head begs for “Just One More.”

Consumed in the macabre environment, the urge to feed takes control over not only her body but her soul. Soon Cecilia comes to a realization that giving the voice exactly what It wants will never be enough.

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